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News from Kitty Cottage: Shellie

News from Kitty Cottage Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary
This is Shellie.
Shellie has been in the rescue for 8 weeks since she was brought in via the police.
Throughout her time here she has been in foster care and has appeared well.
On Friday it was Shellie’s lucky day and she had a fantastic home lined up however when she came back from foster care she didn’t feel or look quite right.
We postponed her adoption and rushed her to our amazing vets at Northcote Veterinary Surgery .
She had an ultra sound scan which suggests she has liver issues.
We spoke to the adopter and explained that over the next couple of weeks Shellie requires further investigations and the adopter was very understanding.
Shellie is being carefully monitored whilst undergoing tests … and her adopter still hopes to adopt Shellie in the future.