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New Arrival: Java & Kittens

New arrival Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary
This is little Java and arrived at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary following being found in a garden with a kitten stuck in her vulva.
We managed to remove and revive the kitten successfully and prepared mum to deliver the rest of her kittens.
It was to be a long but hopefully uneventful night for the volunteers.

Little brave Java has finally settled after 24 hours of active labour.
In the end she has gave birth to 5 kittens however number 5 was stillborn.
Most of the kittens immediately after birth required life support for 30 mins or longer and all the kittens are VERY small weighing around 50g each.

Java will be looked after by experienced volunteers in Kitty Cottage as she gets used to the “not so joys” of motherhood before we move her into a foster home with one of our volunteer families.