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Winter Update

💙Winter is still in intensive care and not being considered for adoption💙

Our little Warrior Winter has been with us 5 weeks now and she has just been coming on in leaps and bounds.
This weeks she has reached 2 major milestones:

❄️Yesterday Winter was ready for her first vaccination and has been seizure free now for 2 weeks. This has been an anxious 24 hours as we were worried she may have had an adverse reaction however she does not seem affected at all.

❄️ Winters 2nd milestone is that her weaning process from being syringed recovery liquid to eating independently is going really well. We are no longer currently needing to syringe Winters nutrition. Last week she was 50/50 independent eating recovery mousse and now she is independently eating Royal Canin Sensitivity Control, which she seems to be thriving on and enjoying too.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control is a fraction of the cost of the liquid however is still a costly food and she is eating around 4 pouches a day.
This food can be bought online from many retailers and vet practices.

If you wish to support Winters continuing care, food can be purchased and sent to:
Winter’s Wonderland C/O Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary
1 Ashbourne Ave

Keep following this page and watch this space for information about an upcoming special invitation to meet Winter in her ❤️Wonderland❤️

Thank you