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Humpty Dumpty Update

Humpty Dumpty Update
You may remember Humpty Dumpty who was born very prematurely 6 months ago with no fur and so young even his facial features hadnt fully developed and had no suckle reflex.

Little HD has never been without issues however today we had to rush him to the vets as we knew he wast right.

Humpty Dumpty was born with brain damage and has always had mobility issues not to mention his food avoidence disorder and will only eat fresh cooked chicken!

Today we noticed he was unable to hold his own body weight and even at rest veered to one side with no strength or able to hold his little head up.

The amazing team saw him immediately, examined him and ran some tests.

The blood test revealled that he has had a haemorrhagic stroke. This is when blood leaks from a blood vessel in or around the brain.

This has caused issues with his vision too.

We hope that with rest, monitoring and steroid treatment that his symptoms will improve.
Humpty Dumpty is now on our Critical Care Ward in intensive care being closely monitored.