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Happy Dotty Day

Happy Dottie Day at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Dottie has been at the rescue for almost 6 months. She arrived with us following being found stray for some time, pregnant and abused.
It is believed she had been kicked and burnt with cigarettes!

Much of her time has been spent with one of our amazing foster carers Jenna and her family.

Dottie gave birth with Jenna and raised her kittens beautifully with the support of Jenna and her family.

Unfortunately whilst on the streets Dottie picked up a nasty infection affecting her eyes which has taken months of treatment, umpteen (20+) vet visits and the tedius task of trying various drops, and medications.

Thankfully 25 weeks later Dottie is 100% well, has been neutered, and had both her vaccinations and today went to her forever family.

Many thanks to Jenna for all you have done for Dottie and to Anita our Adoption coordinator for finding her perfectly matched forever home…. and of course Northcote Veterinary Surgery for all your knowledge, compassion and kindness in all you do.