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Pen-y-Ghent Update

It’s a day since this little girl was brought home from the vets following very complex and life saving surgery.

When under anesthetic it was abundantly clear that her injuries and condition was far more sinister than we first thought.

Aside of horrific infection, Pen-y-ghent has an open fractured upper and lower jaw, and in some areas totally shattered.

This surgery would usually be done by specialist veterinary dentists. Unfortunately time was against us yesterday and our fabulous team at Northcote Vets worked relentlessly to save her life.

Today little P was reviewed by our super surgeon Gemma and is really pleased with her initial recovery.
We definitely think Pen-y-ghent is much brighter today.

Obviously she cannot use her jaw or mouth and is now being fed with an oesophageol tube, little and often every 2 to 3 hours in between pain relief, antibiotics and obligatory “Smoochies”.

Her intensive care continues and her prognosis is still very much guarded.

Thankyou to every one for your kind words, support and donations, and once again thank you Gemma Townsend and every one at Northcote Vets.