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New arrival @ BCWR.

This is little Lohan.

Lohan was found injured on the streets yesterday …. a few steps away from where our lovely Pen-y-ghent was found one week ago.

Lohan has sustained a complex injury called an Avulsed lower lip … which is basically a degloved injury of the chin.

Lohan has possibly been struggling on the streets with this injury for a while as it is infected and there is exposed bone..

He is also very skinny and riddled with fleas.

Lohan is currently receiving intensive care at the rescue including strong pain relief , nutritional support and antibiotics.

Surgery to repair this injury is booked in with our lovely team at Northcote Vets on Wednesday this week.

We are unsure how this injury has happened… the most common cause of these types of injuries is road accidents however it could be accidental or there have been known cruelty cases resulting in such injuries.