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New arrival today @ BCWR

This is Butterbean who was brought to the rescue late this afternoon.

His ” finder” believes that he has been attacked by a Japanese Akita.

Whilst on the surface he doesn’t look terribly ill underneath there are so many life threatening complications.

First and foremost he is in severe shock.

He has suffered the most horrendous tail pull type injury and due to the severity of this injury and the associated spinal injury it looks like he has been brutally shaken like a rag doll!!

There is also pelvic damage too.

Butterbean has several deep wounds and fly eggs all over him.

We are hoping that overnight he can be stabilised enough to have xrays tomorrow that will reveal the full extent of the injuries sustained.

He is topped up with pain relief antibiotics and lots of love…his prognosis is very much guarded.

Another long night of nursing…. another cat needlessly been left to suffer…. I could cry at all the cruelty and neglect that we are dealing with this week.