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Pollyanna Update

Its been a tough few days at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary . We stepped back from social media for a couple of days to re charge.

Emotions have been running a little high because we are passionate about what we do and we care.

Feeling a little recharged and refreshed this evening we thought you might like a little update on Pollyanna our “Yorkshire Hairy doll”

Pollyanna has been with us just 18 days and whilst she remains a little sneezy she is much better than she was when she arrived.

Pollyanna would not eat off a dish when she arrived. She was skinny, malnourished, full of flu symptoms and has damage to her eyes.

Now18 days on she is much brighter and happier, eating well – she absolutely loves chicken applaws kittten tins out of a bowl!

Pollyanna is much less congested and less nasal discharge however is still sneezy and whilst we dont believe she is blind, Pollyanna does have visual impairment.

Sadly the Yorkshire Hairy Doll is always likely to have minor life long issues due to irresponsible and bad breeding.

We hope in the coming weeks we can further improve her general health.