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Rosa Update

Rosa was more interested in snuggles and purrs today at her daily clinic appointment. I cannot describe how brave this little lady is.

Every day is like Groundhog day for all concerned at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary.. every day pain relief an hour before appointment, dressings off, bathing wounds on all 4 legs, photoshoot (to monitor wound healing progress) drying, creams, silicone (fancy and expensive) dressings, and bandaging.

Todays appointment was extra long as Rosa needed hugs at every stage.

We are not even 3 weeks in.

Nursing Rosa is a massive commitment (but never a burden).
The time, care, emotions and finances that we are pouring into “Rosas pot” is like nothing we have ever experienced.

The volunteers, the team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery and of course our amazing supporters contine to play a massive role in Rosas Road to Recovery .
❤️Thank you❤️