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Purr-fect Pound Day 1st Dec 2019

Can you help with Polar’s surgery costs?

Today is the 1st of December, the 1st day of our Christmas season, the 1st day of of our Festive kitty names and today is also Purrfect Pound Day.

This is 7 year old Polar.

Polar is currently in a vets awaiting a suitable time to come into the BCWR. No other rescue would take Polar due to his high care needs.

Polar has SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA… a form of skin cancer which often effects white cats who have not been protected from the sun causind solar damage to his ears. When Polar comes into BCWR he will be immediately prepared for surgery to have both ear flaps amputated.

This is extremely costly surgery expected to be in excess of £1000.

Could you donate just £1 to help us to help fund Polar’s surgery?

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