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Roland, Reggie and Errol

New arrivals at BCWR today.
This is Roland, Reggie and Errol.
They are around 8 weeks old and were dumped in a vets waiting area earlier today.

Reggie and Errol appear healthy and in reasonable condition however Roland has multiple problems which we believe may be a result of contact with chemicals. He has a very sore nose which along with his lip has eroded. He also has a large similar area on one side inside his mouth.

We have already swabbed his little nose and has been sent off to the laboratory.
Roland is very underthrifty and under weight.
Roland is currently on antibiotics, pain relief and is being syringed a liquid diet.
Roland may also require further and extensive tests in the near future including xrays.

For now, Roland will be nursed around the clock in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.
If you woukd like to donate to Roland’s veterinary care all the ways you can help are on our website, see the Linktree in our bio x

Many thanks