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Teddy Update

44 days ago Teddy arrived with us at BCWR.
Teddy spent 3 weeks in one of our intensive care units on our Critical Care Ward.

When he arrived he was 5 weeks old old yet weighs 300g- the average weight of a 2 to 3 week old kitten
Teddy and his siblings were originally seen on Gumtree around 2 weeks ago for sale £60 each 😡
Obviously this is shocking and immoral and someone rescued them however the original owner was not willing to surrender mum also.

Mum was very poorly with mastitis and a respiratory infection and concerns for her were reported to the RSPCA.
Teddy’s siblings came on in leaps and bounds yet Teddy was failing to thrive. Teddy had been to and from the vets however they declared that there was nothing else they can offer him. As a last ditch attempt Teddy was surrendered to BCWR.

He was very poorly.

  • his previous owner thought he had broken leg however we never had any concerns about his mobility.
  • he was very underweight.
  • he appeared to have neurological issues.
  • his Temperature was 41.3.
  • he was dehydrated
  • his blood glucose was 2.2mmol/L
    Teddy had a very guarded prognosis but we did our absolute best.

We are delighted to tell you that Teddy is now fully recovered and has left Camp Cat Watch and has gone to his forever family.