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Rosa Update

Rosa as been with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary exactly 6 weeks today and as you can see in her photos she is doing brilliantly.

We have had 2 significant breakthroughs in the last 24 hours.

Rosa is now finally out of intensive care and her care has stepped down to transitional care.

This means that we believe her life is no longer in immediate danger however she still needs a very close eye keeping on her and she will still be monitored around the clock!

Rosa is currently in a raised unit (at the end of my bed) and is enjoying watching the other cats in “transitional care” and has made a special friend in Badger.

We are dully aware that Rosa still has a long road of recovery ahead of her and most likely will require corrective eye surgery and surgery on her front limbs which have restricted movement.

Rosa CAN see and is starting to regain movement in her eyes howeve she cannot fully blink yet.
We are continuing with 2 hourly eyedrops to ensure her eyes do not dry out.

Thank you to every one who has supported Rosa’s care so far.