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This week we have had the most devastating news to tell our friends.

Unfortunately Tipple who is our longest – stay resident SENSE Cat and our first taste of dealing with cats with disabilities, broke our hearts on Monday. He has been with us 13 years.

Tipple lost over a Kilogram in a week and became suddenly unwell.

We rushed him to the vets on Monday and thankfully Roger Wilkinson, ultrasonographer was visiting the practice.

Kindly Roger scanned Tipples internal organs which revealled widespead untreatable lymphoma affecting multiple organs.

We love Tipple so much that we could not bear him to suffer any longer and as a team we made the decision to support him in allowing him to be put to rest on Monday lunchtime.

Anyone that knew Tipple knows he was one of the most loving, gentlest, happiest boy.

He was a joy to have near, always wanting cuddles, and climbing ( and puncturing)legs to get them.

It is truly devastating to have had to say goodbye, but due to his condition it was the kindest and only option.

It will be so difficult to adjust to being without his presence, and he will be forever missed in the rescue, by volunteers and supporters.

We can only find comfort in knowing that the life he lived at the rescue was one filled with love and care, and that he was happy during his life here.