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Rosa Update

Last night / overnight I spent several painstaking hours removing as much of the “substance” from Rosa’s body with a cotton bud and a solution recommened by one of our vets. We were shocked at what lie beneath the awful “mud like” substance .

Rosa has been back to the vets today for a review. Our vet has never seen anything like it. The substance is “concrete like” and prevents her from even being able to blink! Rosa also has several chemical burns widespread throughout her head and body.

We now have the task of twice daily dressings on both hind limbs, packing her eyes with lubricating gel and administering strong antibiotics and pain relief.

We do not believe this to be an act of malice but rather the result of a curious kitten (who is too young to be outside). The latest information we have received suggests that the substance may be fibre glass resin which is highly acidic.

This is possibly one of the worst things we have had to deal with however Rosa appears very comfortable and often shows affection to us as we nurse her. Rosa is so so poorly and we are providing what feels like “104 hours a day” care.

We are currently planning her next stage of treatment and all the amazing vets and nurses at Northcote Veterinary Surgery are supporting us relentlessly.

If you would like to donate towards the care for Rosa at the rescue all the ways you can help are on our donate page.

Thank you