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Rosa Update

Rosa has been with us now for 4 days and in that short time she has shown tiny signs of improvement.

We believe prior to her admission she has got herself into a spot of trouble with a nasty chemical, more than likely fibreglass resin.
This has caused wide speead third degree burns. Despite this we believe her pain is under control and she has shown an interest in eating too.

She remains on intravenous fluid therapy and we are changing her dressings every day along side daily checks at the vets.

Rosas prognosis remains poor however we always remain hopeful for a recovery however long this may take.

Due to the natuure of Rosas injuries she is unable to blink and we are applying lubricating eye gel every hour around the clock.

❤️We are so lucky to have the support of an amazing multidisciplinary team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery who relentlessly strive to support our work with unending compassion and kindness ❤️