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Rosa Update

Brave Rosa continues to show signs of improvement 10 days since her admission.
We are expecting her full recovery to take months however already we are witnessing daily achievements.
The wounds on all 4 limbs are now slowly starting to “fill in” and there is healthy granulation already visible.

Rosa is eating really well, even if it is only “chicken casserole” (chicken soaked in recovery liquid) and putting weight on nicely . She is an angel when we are nursing her but, bless her, she looks away when we remove her dressings. Rosa is still on strong antibiotics and pain relief.

Her wounds were swabbed and sent to the lab a few days ago, and there are currently no nasty bugs. You may notice on some of the photos, that the nasty corrosive substance is very slowly beginning to lift with painstaking bathing with a solution several times a day with cotton bud.

Despite her injuries, I can honestly say this little lady is showing no signs or symptoms of pain or distress.
We are hoping in the next day or so to look at removing her intravenous fluid therapy and increase the recovery liquid.