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Round-up At The Sanctuary

Today’s roundup at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
It’s been a busy day at the rescue today.
Lots of vet visits, cleaning and admin.

The day began at 5am with healthchecks, feeds and nappies followed by a flying coffee on the go.
Helen, Joanne and Sarah who are some of our Sanctuary Care Assistants came around 9am to clean Kitty Cottage, the Sanctuary and the Pod.

Also this morning Clarice, Winter and Mouse went to the vets to be reviewed.
Clarice had her first vaccination and Della the vet was super pleased to see the improvement in both Winter and Mouse.
This afternoon, amongst more nappies, cleaning and intensive care we also completed various admin tasks in the office… followed by yet another vet trip.

Kringle has had a skin flare up and needed reviewing at the vets. Despite his sore skin patches Della the vet was really pleased to see how well he was looking. Kringle was given a steroid injection.

The nappies, cleaning and care and evening medication round has continued into the evening.

We have also had some great news this evening too….
Clarice, Arthur and Kringle now have forever homes waiting for them too thanks to Anita our amazing Adoption Coordinator
A busy day at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary…. and now the night shift begins……