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Winter Day 13

It’s 13 days since this lifeless, frozen and dying kitten arrived with us.
Over the last 13 days we have been trying to piece together exactly what her problems are and how they were likely caused.
The last 24 hours have been especially worrying ( and exhausting) as Winters mentation declined and her neurological symptoms increased greatly.
Since lunchtime today she has bounced back and is far less symptomatic and has also gained a little more weight too.
We will continue to monitor Winter closely and support her physically, psychologically and nutritionally too.
We believe she has been severely abused to cause 2 broken limbs, a head injury and then left in the cold in state of shock whilst her organs began to fail.

Thankfully she came to us just in time.

Unfortunately neurologically after 13 days we expect that there is some lasting brain damage causing neurological issues, blindness and greatly hearing impaired too. At this time Winter remains in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward 13 days, 13 nights!

Whilst we have made it clear that Winter is far too poorly to be considered for adoption we have received several requests to adopt her when she is ready. If you are one of these people please do not be offended that we haven’t replied.
Our volunteers are busy trying to save her life and look after other cats and kittens.

If you REALLY want to help her all the ways you can help are on our donate page 💚