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Scamp Update

Scamp has spent the day at Leeds Veterinary Centre and is now back at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary in intesnsive care on our Critical Care Ward.

Scamp has had a full general anesthetic today to enable the vets to start the exploration of his complex abnormalities to his bum, colon and sex organs.
Scamp coped really well today and we will be nursing him throughout the weekend and he will return to LVC on Monday morning.

The vets have ordered in special equipment for Scamp so they can further the investigations and hopefully come up with a plan to help him.

We are aware that Scamp is terribly complicated and ill however together we will work to try improve Scamps quality of life.

We are expecting Scamps recovery plan to be flexible and vague and most likely very prolonged involving several complex surgical interventions if successful.
Today is the beginning of a very long journey.

We are so thankful to James, Catherine and team at Leeds Veterinary Centre for taking on Scamps unusual case.