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A worrying Friday at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

This morning we were all very nervous at BCWR&S as we are preparing to take Scamp to Leeds Veterinary Centre.

Whilst we are hopeful for a positive outcome we also know that Scamps prognosis is very poor.
It looks like there’s several anatomical abnormalities at his/her back end internally and externally including a complicated hermaphrodite presentation and a deforned anus and colon.
Today we are only begining to unravel a fraction of Scamps issues however due to the complexity of Scamps little body it may be something that we cannot fix and there is a chance that she may not survive todays procedures.

We are thank for for the team at Leeds for looking at this complicated kitten and giving Scamp a chance.
If you would like to donate towards Scamps fund all the ways you can help are on our donate page: