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Sleepy CC

CC would like to give you a little update on how she is doing….. currently on my bed!!

As you can see in the photos against the odds she is coming on in leaps and bounds.CC, still unable to eat conventional kitten food, she has surprised us all.She now weighs 1.74kg, when she arrived she was less than 300g.

Apart from having no eyes, unable to eat on her own and various physical abnormalities she has now grown into a very cheeky and playful kitten.

The cost of feeding CC per day has now increased to over £20 due to the increased volume. CC does have 21 sponsors all contributing towards her nutritional needs yet we still need to raise more funds to keep this little lady healthy and thriving.

EVERY Sunday between 1pm and 4pm Topples Tearoom, our very own Kitty Cafe @ BCWR will be serving Costa Style hot drinks and cakes to raise money for CC. Every one is welcome.

(Photos are in order- from when she arrived with us to this evening)