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Summer Update

Here at BCWR we promote responsible pet ownership.
Our priority is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats in need.
This is done without judgement.
As a rescue we always try to reunite lost cats with their owners. This is mainly done through our social media.
Every cat that arrives with us is photographed, and their story is published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
When an owner is found we offer information and advice based on a cats needs.

BCWR operates within the Animal Welfare Laws and the Criminal Justice System
We will never prevent an owner from being reunited with a pet that is clearly theirs even without a microchip.
There are rescues who blatantly steal and withhold owners pets however this is not how we work. This is wrong.
We never expect an owner to pay for any treatment whilst in our care as we do not know their individual circumstances though we do appreciate donations.

We will always offer to microchip and neuter a reunited pet however this can only be done when safe to do so although is not a legal requirement giving an owned pet back to an owner, is.
For people who don’t know how we operate, I hope this clarifies things .

Regardless of everyone’s thoughts and opinions, Summer / LJ has now been reunited with her owner as it was legally the right thing to do
We have offered to arrange for her neutering and to help rehome the kittens when the time is right which they seem very happy with.