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Terri Update

The person who brought Terri to us wasn’t the owner, she was looking after her whilst living on the streets with multi generational litters. Down the line there was an owner somewhere as it is obvious that Terri is not part of a feral colony.

Terri update:

It’s so hard to comprehend why a pet lover / owner would not get their cats neutered.
This is Terri. She came to us 10 days ago, is around 6 month old and from arrival looked like she had just swallowed a watermelon!!!
I even remarked to one of the volunteers “this one is gonna be problematic” and she sure was!

For the last few days we have kept an extra close eye on her as she has shown signs of discomfort and the urge to “push”.

She has been reviewed several times by our vets and today she was seen and it was decided it would be best to do an emergency Ceaserian Section to prevent risk to Terri’s life .

This is major abdominal surgery and certainly isn’t without risks itself.
Thankfully the surgery went well for Terri and she has just enjoyed her supper.
6 kittens were developing inside Terri and they were not quite fully developed and were very weak.

One kitten died shortly after surgery and the other 5 have a very guarded prognosis indeed.
Coupled with the weakness and prematurely these little neonates are being hand reared as mum has not produced any milk, she has no instinct to care for them, she has just had major painful abdominal surgery and the kittens can barely suckle.

The kittens are being fed every 20 mins for the next 48 hours at least which is one constant round of bottles and bums.

We are feeding them with Royal Canin Baby Cat milk and we are currently in desperate need of this.

This can be can be bought from many online retailers if you wish to help.
Orders can be sent directly to the rescue address:

Thankyou for all your continued support.🐾 ❤🐾