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ChaCha Update

ChaCha is our delightful little lad who has been with us 9 weeks.
ChaCha has been with us 9 weeks now and has certainly brought with him some challenges.
ChaCha is paralysed from the bottom of his spine, hind legs and tail.

Despite his disability ChaCha is one of the happiest and content we have ever known.
Over the last 9 weeks we have been overcoming many hurdles we are stumbling across in regards to keeping ChaCha healthy happy and safe whilst taking into account his enrichment and quality of life.

The biggest issue has been pressure sores however now finally we have found a solution that is both comfortable and effective and ChaCha doesn’t mind the processes involved.
ChaCha has special dressings on both hind legs at all times which are changed every day and he wears a body suit during the day to protect his torso and genital areas which can become sore from the dragging.

This solution means that ChaCha has no restrictions to his day to to day life and can shuffle around the home and garden of the rescue all day everyday as he wants.

If you wish to support Cha Cha and help us maintain his quality of life the dressings, vet wrap and bodysuits can be purchased on our amazon wishlist…. there are 2 sizes of body suits – x small and small, either sizes are ok.

We really do appreciate all the ongoing support for our work here at BCWR especially to help the cats with extra special needs.