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Terrible Tuesday: Ethel

Terrible Tuesday Part 2
This is 8 week old Ethel

Ethel has been with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary since the early hours of this morning when she was found tied up with a chain outside a garden.

When Ethel arrived her breathing was shocking, she was cold, has mild flu symptoms and using all 4 limbs tentatively.

Ethel has had various tests and examinations today. She wasn’t a great candidate for a general anesthetic due to her age and condition however to gain a full clinical picture she needed a series of Radiographs.
What was seen on the Radiographs was shocking.

The entire chest appeared shunted to the right with an odd looking (and could be felt too) ribcage.
One lung appeared collapsed and the heart had also been “forced” to the other side of the chest. There was air present in the chest that was drawn off through a “tap”.

Blood tests were also done and her liver values were sky high(off the scale- which again is consistant with severe trauma)

In addition to all this there is a bleeding in the eye, all this together points towards horrendous abuse. It is not consistent with a road accident, a fall or any other accidentally injury.

These are non accidental injuries, which we still do not know the full extent, as after 3 hours on a table, most of this under a general anesthetic she needed waking up.

The priority today was to stabilise her breathing.

We are nursing Ethel tonight on our Critical Care Ward in an intensive care unit.
She has had pain relief, antibiotics and is on intravenous fluid therapy.

The next 24 hours are Critical!

If you would like to donate towards Ethels care all the ways you can help are on our website below or see the link in our profile