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ToTo Update

Not long ago, Jojo, CoCo and ToTo went to their lovely new homes. JoJo settled in immediately as did CoCo and ToTo, however within 48 hours ToTo became suddenly and extremely ill.

The lovely owners rushed ToTo to their nearest emergency vets and was admitted and a series of tests were done showing nothing.

We supported and kept int ouch with the vets and also funded this emergency care.

I spoke with the vet caring for ToTo who was at a loss as to what was going on with him and because they couldn’t pinpoint the cause of his decline as he has no symptoms except neurological, the best thing would be euthanasia.

We spoke with the owner and both agreed that enough hadn’t been done to help him and his care was transferred back to us.

In the short time he has been back with us we have identified he has lost his sight, his mentation is poor and his balance is not great.

All this points to a brain injury that with time and the correct care and treatment he may recover.

We are giving ToTo this chance.

We have already spent over £1000 on his care.

Could you donate just £1 towards ToTo’s care.

* The easiest way to donate is via PayPal using as the recipient. please select the friends and family option so we are not charged a fee.

*you can donate by calling our vets at Northcote and making a card payment. Their telephone number is 01274 632222. Please quote BCWR.

*another way to donate is via a monthly standing order or by bank transfer for individual donations.

You will need the following information to do this:


Sort code: 77.71.62

Acct number: 15692060