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Union Jack Update

Union Jack update

Union Jack arrived last Wednesday barely able to stand.

Union Jack is believed to be around 4 months old and was rescued by housing officers when they entered an abandoned property.
U.J . was living in what can only be described as a drugs den and has been exposed to heroin, crack coccaine, cannabis, needles, asbestos and has also been in a fire.

He had been alone for 7 to 10 days with no access to food or water. He was absolutely emaciated, severely dehydrated, dreadfully malnourished and is very anaemic due to the incomprehensible number of fleas he was hosting.

Union Jack was assessed by our vets and has been back at the rescue since on our Critical Care Ward on intravenous fluids and being fed a teaspoon of food every 2 hours.
The reason for feeding him such small amounts is we do not want to cause life threatening “Refeeding Syndrome “.

As you can see in the photos UJ is doing really well, putting weight on and getting stronger everyday. We have spent hours nursing him and combing thousands of, now dead, fleas out of hours his coat.