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Winter Day 7

Exactly 7 days ago our Beautiful Winter arrived with us, lifeless a breath from death literally.
After 7 days of intensive nursing, critical care and zero sleep for her “maid in waiting” she has finally taken a huge leap and started eating by herself.

With fractured limbs, severe dehydration, anemia, a terrible head injury, temperature so low it was un-readable and blood glucose levels from the sublime to the ridiculous it’s been a rocky 7 days.

Today is the first day when all her vital signs and observations are reasonably stable, she has gained a little weight, and has eaten a little independently too!

I have cried so many tears of happiness today however she is not out of the woods yet by a long way.

She is still very “neurological” and whilst her seizures are less in frequency and severity she is still very poorly.

She remains in our critical care ward in intensive care and is still receiving around the clock care.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to Winters care so far.