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Aslan’s Adventure

Many of you will have previously seen our 8kg “Little” Lion Aslan.
Aslan came to us just before Christmas due to a domestic situation.
When Aslan came, his eyes were not right and was quickly diagnosed with bilateral entropion causing his eyelashes to run along the surface of his eyes ALL THE TIME. He could hardly open his eyes and were so sore that he had an ulcer on his right eye.

Today Aslan had corrective sight saving surgery to fix his beautiful eyes and it is likely he may need further surgery in weeks to come.

Aslan is back at the Sanctuary now, has eaten well, used his litter tray and is now relaxing in his bed.

Aslan is currently not being considered for adoption under any circumstances at this time.
He has lots of recovery to now do and possible further surgery in the future.

The specialist surgery today has put a huge dent on our finances so early in the year. It cost just short of £1000 plus medication to take continue with.

In this difficult time when many are struggling could you donate just 50p towards Aslans Surgery today so we can pays Aslans Debt? All the ways you can help are on our Donate page 💚