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Winter Update Day 5

Winter has has a long day at the vets.
Finally she was well enough this afternoon to have sedation for X-rays.
Winter’s X-rays show a horiffic fracture on one hind limb that wil likely need amputation at some point and a separation on her fore limb too.
She also still has swelling to her head which suggests a significant head injury.

We are not just dealing with broken bones.

Little Winter has severe neurological issues which are caused by serious brain injury affecting various parts of her brain.

Her temperature and blood glucose levels are all over, one minute up and one minute down.

It is still too early to know if she will at all recover from her injuries.

Whilst we do not know the cause of her Injuries they are consistent with abuse.

Winter is a little fighter however remains under constant supervision in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.

Massive thank you to the whole team at Northcote Vets but especially Grace-Evie Hannah Bainbridge who has looked after and monitored her all day.