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Just another Winters Tail

Winter has had another positive 24 hours despite a minor glitch yesterday when her neurological appeared to slightly decline.

This soon improved with diligent (constant) monitoring and immediate treatment.

Today we can see a marked improvement in her awareness and interactions. She certainly is enjoying her food.

We are giving her a rest from intravenous fluids for the next 24 hours to see how she manages and tomorrow she will be reviewed by our vets. We think if she continues to improve they will be really surprised to see how far she has come.

Whilst we still do not know the extent of her injuries as she hasn’t been well or stable enough to have x-rays etc, as well as damaged limbs, we do think she has sustained a significant head injury too.
The most important factor in her recovery right now is nutritional support. She loves her Recovery Liquid ❤️

Whilst Royal Canin Recovery Liquid is an expensive Liquid feed, it really is the best… and Winter deserves it.

Our stocks are very low at the moment and if you would like to help support Winter’s nutritional needs. here’s a few links should anyone wish to support Winter’s care and would like to order some of the recovery liquid and mousse:

Donations can be sent to our address at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary, 1 Ashbourne Avenue Bradford BD2 4AW or dropped off in our Sanctuary View area, please text/whats app if you are leaving any items so we know in case we’re busy.

For all other donation information please see our donate page.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Winter’s care so far. 😍