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Winter Update

Winter’s Wish came true!!
Here we are! We some how made it into 2023.

Today, Winter’s temperature is stable, blood glucose levels are normal, she is taking her feeds really well.

She remains in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.

Whilst we are seeing improvements she remains critically ill with unknown injuries due to her not yet being stable enough for xrays.

Her mentation is very much impaired and has signs of significant neurological damage, and we are not sure if this will be permenant.

Hypothermia and low blood glucose causes major dysfunction in vital organs such as the heart, leading to irregular heartbeat; the kidneys, leading to kidney failure; and the brain, leading to mental status changes such as confusion, seizures or loss of consciousness. Liver damage, bleeding disorders, and breakdown of muscle tissue can also occur.

At this stage we do not know how much lasting damage has been caused but together we are fighting and you can see in the photos the improvements in her health.

Thankyou to everyone who has donated towards Winter’s care.

Many thanks❤️💙❤️