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Wishing all a Peaceful 2023

My Mischief Maker Moped is all snuggled up with his favourite music on (The Smiths) a few snacks and a drink.

Here at BCWR we want to with all our friends, supporters; volunteers and professional partners a healthy and peaceful 2023.

The last 12 months has had many challenges however many highlights too.

Thank you to the volunteers who tirelessly devote their time to helping save and improve the lives of injured, ill abused and abandoned cats in our care.
From cleaning, to care, driving, social media team, fostering and fundraising we couldn’t do it without you.
💚We love you and Thankyou for being the amazing YOU💚

We are so lucky to have an amazing and supportive team of Veterinary professionals at Northcote Veterinary Surgery, holding our paws ever step of the way.
David, Gemma, Della, Lydia, Katy, Janet, Nat, Laura, Kimberly, Grace and the other veterinary associates we work alongside.
💙We love you and Thankyou for being the amazing YOU💙

We could not have changed almost 300 lives in 2022 without our fabulous supporters.
You have been the absolute foundation of our work with your support of financial donations , gifts and words of encouragement.
❤️We love you and Thankyou for being the amazing YOU❤️

💚💙❤️Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy and safe 2023.💚💙❤️