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Winter Update

It’s 24 hours since I was presented with a kitten that was minutes from death, unconscious, so cold her temperature was undetectable, blood glucose so low with goodness knows what injuries.

The way she arrived was certainly incompatible with life.

24 hours later we are still gravely ill and did have a seizure this lunchtime, though she is looking a little brighter this afternoon with a glimmer of hope.

Her temperature appears to have stabilised as has her blood glucose levels.

Whilst Winter cannot eat she is happy to accept syringe feeding, very small amounts every 30 to 60 mins.

Winter’s mentation remains of grave concern however due to the degree of hypothermia and low blood glucose levels it is likely that she has suffered a degree of brain damage as all her organs had almost shut down 24 hours ago.

Our Vet Team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery have been and continue to be bloody amazing!

Unfortunately we have had to prioritise saving her life over investigating her injured limbs as she is too unwell to have xrays at this time.

❤️💙❤️Winter’s Wish❤️💙❤️

❤️As you are all preparing for the New Year’s Eve Dinner, celebrations, drinks, fireworks or just relaxing in front of the TV, Winter continues to fight for her life.

❤️We are literally watching every breath and movement, syringe feeding and monitoring her observations very closely and will be doing throughout the holiday weekend both day and night. Winter remains on intravenous fluids on our Critical Care Ward, is on very strong pain relief and intravenous antibiotics.

💙As you wish your friends and family a Happy New Year, we just hope Winter sees the new year in and continues to slowly improve.

💙❤️💙Could you this New Year’s Eve donate just £1 to help us make Winters Wish come true?💙❤️💙