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BCWR 2023 Calendar!


2022 has been equally as difficult as 2021 and 2020.. its been a tough year and behind the scenes at BCWR we have really had some battles this year.

The rise in immense cruelty and neglect that we have witnessed has been beyond comprehension.

In addition to our struggles we’ve had some amazing positive stories, as well as some more sad and difficult cases.

We’ve continued to really miss seeing all of our visitors throughout this year, and have not been able to run any of our usual fundraising events this year, meaning our vet bill has been mounting up exponentially.

With the help of some very special models and a couple of amazingly talented volunteers we have pulled it off again!

We have created a BCWR 2023 calendar which we are selling for £12, plus £3.00 p&p within the UK.

The calendar this year is bigger, brighter and better.
The Calendar is A3, full colour, spiral bound, printed to a high quality on glossy paper.

We hope to start posting calendars out by mid to late October.

If you would like to pre order a calendar, please complete the order form by clicking the link below. There is clear payment instructions on the form.

We have been blessed with an amazing and generous company who has printed our Calendar this year and 100% of your £12 will go directly to the cats at the rescue.

These calendars have not been mass produced. Each stage from photo shoot to printing, collating, binding, packing and posting has been completed with love by our wonderful and talented volunteers.

Thank you