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This is Geisha.
She is around 8 days old.
Geisha is part of a motherless litter and has serious neurological problems.
She constantly twitches, “air sucks” claps and has mini seizure like episodes.
This is so so unfair.
There are so many abandoned abused and neglected kittens.
You may think little Geisha is cute… however it’s CUTER TO NEUTER.
Covid 19 is no excuse to allow your animals to pro create.
Ring your vets, book them in, if you are struggling financially…. ask your vet about help to neuter your pets.
Because of Geishas age, condition … and the fact she is constantly exhausted… she is being hand reared … around the clock, feeding every hour.
We will continue to love her, look after her and hope that she survives… however her prognosis is extremely guarded.