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Smudge Update

Smudge is 17 years young and has been in the rescue for 256 days now.
Smudge holds the record for being the hardest cat to rehome in the history of BCWR.
17 year old, black, a little cantankerous, and certainly not one that will jump into a new owners arms.

🖤We are delighted to tell you all that today Smudge has been adopted today and is currently finding his paws in his new home🖤
Smudge came to us via a vet referral when his elderly owner felt she couldn’t cope with Smudge , and she had infact booked him in for euthanasia.
Smudge has had longterm thyroid issues and 3 months ago underwent surgery to have his thyroid removed. This means that he no longer needs thyroid medication.
We want to say a huge thankyou to Scott and Amber for adopting Smudge, and also a big thankyou to Vicky who has lovingly cared for Smudge over the last 8 months as his Foster Mummy … even though the love hasn’t always been reciprocal.