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New Arrival Parsnip

New arrival Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Last night we were shocked to hear of another kitten, victim to the most abhorrent cruelty.

We were contacted by health professionals in West Yorkshire concerning a 14 week old kitten whose life was in serious jeopardy.
Parsnip has been fed a shocking diet, been smashed against a wall and been trained to be used in cruel and illegal animal fighting/ blood sports.

Due to the fear that little Parsnip is experiencing we have not been able to do a thorough examination to ascertain any serious injuries. We do believe we were called just in time before anything sinister happened to him.

Parsnip is a beautiful little boy however due to safety concerns for both Parsnip and our organisation we cannot currently release his little Paw-trait.

This case of cruelty is being taken very seriously however we cannot disclose any further details.