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Norris Update

Who remembers Norris who arrived with us a couple of weeks ago? Well here is an update from his amazing foster carer and volunteer Ella.

This is Norris, who is approximately 16 years old. When he arrived at the rescue he looked 116 years old. I’ve been fostering this lovely old lad for 2 weeks. He’s very underweight after living on the streets for sometime with untreated hyperthyroidism, he is now in a safe warm environment with fresh food on demand, medication and plenty of beds to choose from.

He’s appearing bigger and brighter everyday.
He’s a total lapcat, the slightest attention and he purrs like mad. He’s still got a way to go though.
I can only imagine how much better he feels since being taken in by BCWR.

Merry Christmas 🎅 from Ella and Norris.