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This is Tigger

Tigger is in foster care with our amazing Sophie.

Tigger came to us following the death of her owner as a result of a long term illness.
Tigger wasn’t in the best of health however has blossomed with Sophie……

Here is Sophie’s story about Tigger.

“Tigger’s journey from tatty teddy to pretty princess🥰 Tigger arrived in a very poor condition where she was very stained, skin irritations and overall just filthy and in pain. A few trips to the vets and lots of TLC, she now has the most quirky personality but of course I have fallen in love with her. As her confidence and health has improved she has begun to run about and play like a kitten again🤣 (of course only on her terms🙄). She likes to think she’s 10 men when the hoovers on and will hiss like a mad woman! Whoever ends up with Tigger is very lucky as she’s brought me so much happiness throughout the latest lockdown🥰 she’s very affectionate, again on her own terms… and is in general just an angel!”