Pregnancy and Cats

Pregnancy and Cats

Worries about the health of an unborn child weigh heavily on the mind of an expectant mum and there seems to be potential hazards everywhere you look.

People may warn you about the dangers of picking up toxoplasmosis from your cat as it is a huge risk. Don’t panic – find out the facts.

Toxoplasmosis is caused by the infection of a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. If a pregnant woman is infected during pregnancy (especially the first trimester) if can cause problems for the developing foetus. Cats can carry the parasite if they eat infected wildlife; however, this can only be passed on via faeces and you actually have to swallow the parasite to become infected. Cats do not present the greatest risk of meeting toxoplasmosis – undercooked meat and

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The Importance of Vaccinations

The Importance of Vaccinations

There are lots of nasty diseases out there that cats can catch. Vaccinations are the best way to protect your cat from some of the worst ones.
For kittens or cats who haven’t been vaccinated in the last year, they will need a primary vaccination course to get their protection started. This primary course consists of two injections given three weeks apart.

Kittens can be vaccinated from 9 weeks old. At the time of the vaccination your cat should receive a full health- assessment.
After the primary vaccination course, your cat will then need to be vaccinated every year to keep up their protection against the diseases. We often call this a booster vaccination as it boosts your cats immunity.

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Winter watch outs …… for your cat!!!

Despite their fur, pets can feel the cold just the same as humans do, and freezing temperatures can create problems if you’re not prepared for winter.

Here are some ‘Winter watch outs’ and handy tips to help you make sure your pet is happy and healthy during the chilly winter months.

Antifreeze Beware of antifreeze! Surprisingly, antifreeze smells and tastes good to your pet so if they find it they will drink it. However,

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Feline Healthcare Guide

Feline Healthcare Guide

Vaccinations are an essential part of your cats’ healthy lifestyle. They stop many preventable illnesses including; leukaemia, viral cat flu and feline enteritis. It is important that following the initial course, annual boosters are maintained EVERY year.

Flea control is essential throughout your pet’s life. Flea treatment comes in the form of liquid pipettes and should be used monthly to prevent flea infestation. Avoid products such as flea collars/flea powders etc. Pet shop/supermarket treatments are cheap, but not Continue reading “Feline Healthcare Guide”

Introducing your new cat to other cats

Introducing your new cat to other cats

It does not have to be difficult to introduce another cat to your resident cat.

The best technique we have found and recommend is to confine the new cat in a single room initially and introduce the resident cat to the newcomer gradually. This single room should be an area where your resident cat doesn’t spend much time. The new cat should be settled into the room with all the necessary resources like food, water, comfortable resting areas and a litter tray.

Keeping the new cat in this room for several days will not only allow it to settle into its new surroundings more easily but will also give you the chance to introduce the scent of the existing cat to the new cat and vice versa before they come face to face. This is essential as scent is the most important aspect of group recognition in cats. To do this you can start by swapping over the cats’ bedding and toys. Another way of creating this communal scent is by utilising the glands around the cats’ heads that secrete a pheromone

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